Golden Barrel Organic Cane Sugar

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Link to Zook Molasses Company'Good Food, Inc. QAI Organic CertificationVegan Certification for Golden BarrelCertified Organic Cane Sugar is perfect for bakers that prefer using organic sweeteners. It has a slightly larger crystal size than EFG sugar and a light tan color due to being less refined. Great for baking.

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5 lb. Bag, 50 lb. Bag

7 reviews for Golden Barrel Organic Cane Sugar

  1. Zackery Smith

    I Love Golden Barrel and all their products. I have been buying this sugar from them for a whole year for my business and it is of superb quality. Would highly recommend and great pricing.

  2. Eva C.

    I’m a bean-to-bar chocolate maker, and I need quality organic ingredients, reliably delivered when expected, at a sustainable price. I’ve bought bulk volume from Golden Barrel twice now, and I love them! Five stars from me!

  3. Dan Carlson

    We love this sugar! We have been using it in our Seafoam Candy for several years.

  4. Trevon Unruh (verified owner)

    Trevon Unruh
    Absolutely love Golden Barrel organic cane sugar.
    We’ve bought the 50# bag on several occasions. We use it in all of our canned fruit and a lot of our every day use. We like to use a less refined suger. And this review is from a sugar beet farmer!

  5. Joe Rakowski Noble Earth LLC (verified owner)

    Great company with excellent communication and steadfast response. We use this Sugar for our Kombucha brewery and it is excellent. We also use this particular sugar for our cold brewed teas. Happy to use it

  6. Petey

    Excellent product. Consistent quality at a fair price. We use this routinely for Root Beer.

    Highly recommended!

  7. Mandy Groszko (verified owner)

    High quality sugar at a fair price. Golden Barrel is excellent to work with, great communication and fast shipping. I love using organic sugars in my baked goods and mixes. They give the product a rich flavor that can’t be replicated.

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