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The purest oils make the purest and most appetizing products. Keep your customers or your family satisfied with the high-quality wholesale cooking oil from Golden Barrel. Our bulk cooking oil stands out in all the best ways possible thanks to its purity and exceptional quality.

Whether you’re in need of bulk vegetable oil, bulk olive oil, bulk coconut oil, or an assortment of others, we’ve got everything you need to create the flavor-filled treats and dishes your customers deserve and expect.

Take a moment to explore our options with bulk cooking oils or contact us today to learn more about our wholesale cooking oil selections.

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Pure Bulk Coconut Oil, Olive Oil & More

Our wide assortment of oils means you’ll find something to inspire you – no matter what you’re cooking up! Some of the wholesale cooking oils we have available are:

    • (Extra Virgin) Bulk Olive Oil: A bulk olive oil purchase is ideal for many commercial cooking purposes. Thanks to a long list of appealing health-related qualities, extra virgin olive oil can make your goodies and dishes even more appealing to your own health-conscious customers. Pomace olive oil is also available.
    • Bulk Coconut Oil: When some added flavor and durability are preferred, consider our bulk coconut oils. Coconut oil withstands higher temperatures well. Our bulk coconut oil selections include refined and butter-flavored options.
    • Bulk Canola Oil: A type of rapeseed oil, canola oil has a high smoke point, although the erucic acid level is low. This uniquely appealing combination makes it an exceptional choice for commercial frying.
    • Bulk Peanut Oil: If you do a lot of cooking and roasting on a larger-scale basis, you’ll absolutely appreciate an affordable bulk peanut oil purchase. Peanut oil is also a simple and effective way to give your prepared dishes a rich, peanut flavor.
    • Bulk Vegetable Oil: Excellent for salad dressings and ideal for baking and frying when you prefer a lighter taste and moist texture, vegetable oil is one of the most-used cooking oils today. With a bulk vegetable oil purchase, you’ll always have this oil on hand whenever it’s needed.
    • Bulk Palm Oil: This unique oil is great for soap making and other creative uses! Our palm oil comes from a supplier that’s a member of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO)

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    Quality you can trust, and taste is what you can expect from Golden Barrel and our bulk cooking oils. Whether you’re here for bulk vegetable oil, bulk olive oil, or a combination of any of the fine-quality bulk cooking oils we offer, you’ll be thoroughly pleased with our pure, meticulously prepared products.

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