Begin Your Own Tradition

As dawn breaks in tranquil Lancaster County, PA, the fragrance of tradition fills the air. The loving hands of homemakers skillfully prepare nutritious, time-honored meals with the wholesome goodness of Golden Barrel Baking Products.

From the unique blends of syrups, molasses and cooking oils to pancake and shoofly pie mix, Golden Barrel baking products bear the same excellence which makes the time-honored recipes of today, an inheritance for tomorrow.

It all began back in 1934 when M. Simon Zook established the Zook Molasses Company and ever since our family has been committed to serving our customers with the highest quality ingredients. The tradition got even better in 1980 with the founding of Good Food, Inc., and our now famous Golden Barrel Baking Products. Even our soapmaking oils are drawn from the finest ingredients.

The original motto of “service with the best quality molasses” is a key ingredient in keeping the sweet taste of tradition alive today. We invite you to begin your own sweet traditions—with Golden Barrel Baking Products.

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