Golden Barrel Creme Fondant 90/10 – 50 lb. Case

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A confectionery product made from boiled sugar syrup that is crystallized to a thick, smooth creamy mass of very fine sugar crystals.  Contains no preservatives, artificial color, or flavor.  Can be used as a base for icings, butter cream, marzipan, and chocolate centers and as a seeding agent for fudges & caramels.  This product cannot be used for rolled fondant.

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Typically used for making icings and for seeding fudges or caramels.

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Weight50 lbs
Dimensions12.5 × 9.5 × 10 in

10 reviews for Golden Barrel Creme Fondant 90/10 – 50 lb. Case

  1. Bret Fisher (verified owner)

    I ordered this fondant to use as emergency winter feed for my many hives of honey bees in Northern Virginia, USA. I used an electric carving knife to slice it into manageable pieces that I placed on the top frames of the top-most box of the hive. It did help feed some of my bees, but I found it very cumbersome to work with and will not use fondant again. Instead, I will make my own version of fortified sugar brick that is easier to handle and is healthier for the bees.

  2. Jim Robinson (verified owner)

    I found the fondant to be completely different from the unhappy guy above. I too use it for my bees…i kept it at room temperature and just scooped it out with a metal spoon. Using rubber gloves, I rolled into workable cylinders & placed them in between my frames. The bees consumed it nicely…i ate some myself….very smooth texture, no graininess at all. I found this to be a quality product for human consumption as well as my bees

  3. Geff (verified owner)

    Very good fondant for emergency bee food. Way easier than trying to make fondant at home. Bees seemed to love it.

  4. Mim

    I bought this for feeding bees. It came quickly in time for emergency feeding. It was a little troublesome to deal with. I used a sharp chef knife to slice it and stack on wax paper for easy use in the bee yard. It is an economical winter feed that the bees seem to readily take.

  5. Yuri (verified owner)

    Good stuff, used it for feeding honey bees. They love it! 🙂

  6. Jennifer King (verified owner)

    Great feed for bees! Makes winter supplemental feeding so much easier than making your own fondant. Doesn’t contain corn starch & arrives fast.

  7. E Ferguson (verified owner)

    I have used the fondant in my candy making and find it to be a great product.. Candy was a great hit and plan to order more next year

  8. Desi (verified owner)

    This is an excellent product at an excellent price – especially, for a 90/10 fondant. The shipping costs were very reasonable. I will definitely order Golden Barrel Creme Fondant for my bees in the future.

  9. Scott Famous

    My bees love this all Winter, and no dysentery.

  10. Yvonne (verified owner)

    I just ordered this for the first time. I’m using it to feed my bees in preparation for winter. I scooped it out onto parchment paper and laid it on the top frames using a 2” rim spacer to allow the bees room to eat it.
    This was so much easier than making fondant or bee cakes myself.
    I love that there’s nothing in it that the bees shouldn’t have.

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