Golden Barrel Organic Dark Brown Sugar (50 lbs.)

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Link to Zook Molasses Company'Good Food, Inc. QAI Organic CertificationVegan Certification for Golden BarrelOrganic Dark Brown Sugar has a rich and more intense molasses flavor and deep dark color.

Made with all organic ingredients including organic molasses, organic sugar, and organic caramel color.



Additional information

Weight50 lbs
Dimensions25 × 16.5 × 4 in

5 lb. Bag, 50 lb. Bag

3 reviews for Golden Barrel Organic Dark Brown Sugar (50 lbs.)

  1. Mandy Groszko (verified owner)

    I love using organic sugars in my baked goods and mixes. They give the product a rich flavor that can’t be replicated, especially the dark brown sugar. So many of my customers ask me what makes my products different. I tell them it is the organic sugar, and the dark brown sugar. That extra molasses deepens the flavor so much.

  2. Enriqueta Coll (verified owner)


  3. Stephanie (verified owner)

    Recently ordered this organic dark brown sugar and was disappointed to find that the product being advertised is not actually what is being provided. The description on the website indicates that the brown sugar is made with organic molasses (“Made with all organic ingredients including organic molasses”), but the product I received actually is made with organic cane syrup and NOT molasses. They are not the same. I use dark brown sugar for the deep molasses flavor it imparts in my baked goods. When the product advertises that it includes molasses, I expect it to include molasses. The product I received is an impostor likely made with more “caramel color” to make it appear as if it actually contains molasses like “real” brown sugar.

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