Good Food Inc.

Inside a Custom Blending MixerAlong with our private labeling, warehousing, and transportation services, Good Food, Inc. also specializes in liquid and dry custom blending. Whether you are in need of a full blending option, pre- or post-blending outsourcing, or even just repackaging of ingredients; search no further than our accomplished and professional staff.

By blending with us, you can utilize our specialized liquid and dry blending equipment with capabilities of custom blending to your own unique specifications. In addition, you can also take advantage of our experienced quality control team and extensive network of resources.

Our facility is third party audited and certified by BRC, kosher certified by the OU, and organic certified by QAI. All production lines follow a strict HACCP plan ensuring a quality product.

If your demand has outgrown your production capacity, why not contact us for an efficient and qualified blending solution.

Private labeling BottlesIn addition to our Golden Barrel variety of liquid and dry products, Good Food, Inc. also serves many of our customers with private labeling. Whether you have an existing formula or want to use one of our quality products for bulk or retail, we can help you build your own brand.

With our liquid bottling and dry blend production areas, we are positioned to handle high-volume demand and have often made adjustments to meet our customer’s needs. Our knowledgeable staff will blend, package, warehouse, and deliver your product directly to you.

Contact us to find out how to use our quality and experience for your advantage.

Transportation Truck for Good Food, Inc.As an complement to our custom blending, private labeling, and warehousing services, our own transportation gives us internal control of on-time customer delivery. Our bulk food grade transportation fleet includes:

• 26 trucks
• 40 tanker trailers
• 13 van trailers
• 4 dry bulk tankers
• Full service truck maintenance shop with expert mechanics
We also have a close working relationship with other local carriers. All shipment weights are verified with our own certified truck scale and all tankers are thoroughly washed in our own truck wash.

Warehouse at Good Food, Inc. With over 160,000 square feet, our warehousing has nine available truck dock doors and can warehouse a high volume of products. This includes our Golden Barrel retail and industrial products as well as contract warehousing items. We handle bulk liquid containers such as totes or drums as well as palletized dry and liquid products. Our facility also has a temperature controlled area for storage of sensitive products that require refrigeration.

Our warehouse follows the same prerequisite program standards as our food processing areas such as GMP and hygiene practices, pest control, allergen awareness, traceability, etc.

L&S Sweeteners, our sister company, also has warehousing with the unique feature of indoor unloading with nine available truck dock doors. Complimenting its rail service, this makes the transloading of railcars to trucks very easy and efficient.

Feel free to contact us to discuss warehousing options.

Truck Wash in Honey Brook, PAGood Food, Inc. has a computerized interior truck wash system with capabilities that include:

• Hot water only sanitize wash for liquid sweeteners
• Hot water and soap wash for vegetable oil tankers
• Truck and tanker exterior wash with high pressure washer
• A blower for postwash drying of tank interior and parts
All tankers are washed for at least 15 continous minutes with 180°F water. An inspection certificate is issued for all tanker washes that includes a full inspection of tank interior; all lids, caps, gaskets, valves, fittings, and hoses; pump and tank exterior.

L&S Sweeteners

Our Company-owned truck fleet has a total of 26 trucks, 40 tanker trailers, 13 van trailers, and 4 dry bulk tankers. We also have a close working relationship with other local carriers. All shipment weights are verified using a certified truck scale
L&S Sweeteners WarehouseOur warehousing has the unique feature of indoor unloading with nine available truck dock doors. This makes the transloading of railcars to trucks very easy and efficient. L & S can warehouse a high volume of products and we handle both slip sheet and palletized products. We also offer warehousing at our Good Food Distribution Center.
Our rail service is Norfolk Southern, which is served by the Dillerville Yard in Lancaster, PA. L & S is able to receive the heaviest cars at a weight of 286,000 lbs with the long wheelbase. Railcars are delivered five days per week and we have our own certified railcar scale to verify weight and two of our own railcar movers to arrange railcars as needed
L&S Sweeteners Truck WashL & S has a computerized, hot water only, 180°F interior truck wash. Our wash bay is certified all major food companies and suppliers and is a certified Kosher interior truck wash.
We can transfer bulk sugar to two silos. The sugar is transferred via an auger system from the silo to our liquefying blenders. These blenders are mounted on load cells for accurate weighing of ingredients.
All blending information including batch number, weight, and pasteurization temperature for traceability purposes are maintained through our Quality Assurance Department and we also provide our own on sight testing of solids, pH, and color of all products. We also have our own Micro Test Lab and perform our own sampling. All samples are retained for six months. All liquid loads are filtered prior to loading through 100 micron filters. L&S has the capability to produce approximately eighteen loads per day of both Full and Partial Invert Liquid Sugar, and we can store twelve loads of Liquid Sucrose.
L&S Sweeteners Truck WashL & S uses an auger system to transfer bulk sugar from railcars to tankers. Our augers are made of 400 series stainless steel, which allows any fragments to be captured by our inline magnets. Our magnet system is made up of three rare earth magnets and they are checked after every load for any foreign material. A lump crusher is situated between the railcars and the auger to maintain the most consistent product. L & S can transfer from any kind of Bulk railcar, hopper, air-slide, or pressure-differentials and can segregate railcars holding different types of product and rotate loading.
For accurate inventory control, all railcars are weighed. Traceability of all railcars is processed through our Quality Assurance Department.