Garlic Ranch Pretzels


These garlic ranch pretzels are so addictive! They’re packed with flavor and are sure to be a huge hit at your next party.

Garlic Ranch Pretzels

Earlier this month, I had a girls’ day with a couple friends. We visited the cute little town of Lititz, PA where we went shopping, out to lunch, and just strolled around that quaint small town. If you’ve never been to Lititz, I highly recommend it! It’s where the Moravians started a settlement way back in 1742 and it’s also where the pretzel originated. As a matter of fact, the oldest commercial pretzel bakery in the country was started and still operates in Lititz. While we didn’t take the tour, we did stop in the little pretzel shop where I picked up a few bags of “Little Ones” because I’d been wanting to make some seasoned pretzels. They’re the perfect size pretzel for this, but feel free to use whatever is available to you.

Ingredients to make Garlic Ranch Pretzels

What are seasoned pretzels, you ask? They’re just regular pretzels coated with seasoning. I used Ranch dressing mix as well as garlic powder to give these pretzels some mouth-watering flavor. All that’s needed is some melted Golden Barrel Coconut Oil. You simply mix those three ingredients together and pour it on top of the pretzels, stir and bake–it couldn’t be easier!

Pouring Coconut Oil and Garlic Flavoring over pretzels Garlic Ranch Pretzels

These pretzels make a tasty snack–I pack them in my boys’ lunches and they’re perfect for when you want a little something salty.

Garlic Ranch Pretzels made with Golden Barrel Coconut Oil

Try them this weekend! They add some pizzazz to a typical pretzel.

Garlic Ranch Pretzels

Garlic Ranch Pretzels
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Packed with flavor, these pretzels are sure to be a hit at your next party!
Garlic Ranch Pretzels
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Packed with flavor, these pretzels are sure to be a hit at your next party!
  1. Preheat oven to 275 degrees F.
  2. In microwave or on stove top, melt coconut oil. Stir in ranch dressing mix and garlic powder, mixing well.
  3. Pour pretzels in large bowl. Pour oil mixture over pretzels, stirring until evenly coated.
  4. Spread pretzels on cookie sheet and bake for 20 minutes, stirring once.
  5. Allow to cool. Store in airtight container. (I used a gallon sized plastic bag.)
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  1. A package of ranch dressing mix couldn’t be 16 ounces.

  2. Joyce Bailey says:

    Vert, it should be 1 oz packet ranch dressing mix. Must have been a typo.

    1. Mitch Hertzler says:

      Yep, that was a typo. Thanks for pointing it out. It is now fixed.

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