Coconut Oil Fudge

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This Coconut Oil Fudge is so easy, has only 5 ingredients, takes less than 5 minutes to make and tastes amazing! Dairy free, gluten free, and naturally sweetened.

Coconut Oil Fudge

Fudge was a treat my family made often when I was young. More times than not, it was the dessert made for birthdays and celebrations. The kind we made though was not healthy at all- packed with sugar and other undesirable ingredients. This fudge, on the other hand, is packed with healthy fats from the coconut oil and almond butter, is naturally sweetened with real maple syrup, and it’s just as delicious!

Coconut Oil Fudge

Easy recipes are the best and this recipe couldn’t be easier! Only a few ingredients, mixed in a pan until smooth, poured into a pan and chilled. No baking, no specific temperature the mixture has to come to. I love it and you will to! The only reason I use a pan is because the mixture seems to mix better when warm and a whisk is so important. The cacao powder has lots of little clumps and I didn’t want to add sifting to the steps so the whisk is perfect. (Note: I use cacao powder for its health benefits, but cocoa powder works as well)

Coconut Oil Fudge

This fudge does need to stay in the fridge or freezer. It gets soft pretty fast at room temperature. Sinking your teeth into cold fudge is so good though! So it’s not a bad thing at all!

Coconut Oil Fudge

You can use any nut butter you want for this. I used almond butter to keep it paleo, but you can use peanut butter if you’d like. You can also use sunflower seed butter to make it nut free if there’s a nut allergy you’re working around.

Coconut Oil Fudge

Coconut Oil Fudge

This coconut oil fudge is creamy, sweet, and so delicious!Β If you are looking for a healthier fudge- this is it!

Coconut Oil Fudge
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Servings Prep Time
15 squares 5 minutes
Passive Time
2 hours
Servings Prep Time
15 squares 5 minutes
Passive Time
2 hours
Coconut Oil Fudge
Print Recipe
Servings Prep Time
15 squares 5 minutes
Passive Time
2 hours
Servings Prep Time
15 squares 5 minutes
Passive Time
2 hours
Servings: squares
  1. Line a loaf pan with parchment paper and set aside.
  2. In a small pan, combine coconut oil, cacao, almond butter, maple syrup and salt.
  3. Heat over medium heat and whisk until smooth. It does not need to boil or come to a certain temperature.
  4. As soon as it's smooth, pour into prepared pan. Place in fridge and let set for ar least 2 hours.
  5. Store in fridge or freezer.
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102 Responses

  1. Avatar

    Fudge for breakfast? Don’t mind if I do! This looks SO darn good and so simple! God bless the almighty power of coconut oil!

  2. Avatar

    This looks divine! Going to definitely try these πŸ™‚

  3. Avatar
    Lauren- Hawaii

    I’ve got coconut oil, cacao powder, peanut butter, HONEY & salt. I’m going to give it a go : )

  4. Avatar

    Do you know how many calories per square?

  5. Avatar

    I made this yesterday, super yummy. used cashew butter instead of almond butter.
    Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  6. Avatar
    Katherine Rusk

    Just made this! Genius! Cannot wait to dodecaduple this recipe!

  7. Avatar

    Can I use 100% unsweetened cacao squares instead of cocoa powder in this recipe?

  8. Avatar
    Patricia Cabigas

    I cannot use coconut oil, what other oil can I use?

    • Jessica DeMay

      Hi Patricia- I can’t recommend another oil because I haven’t tried it and I’m not confident it would turn out. I’m sorry I can’t help you more!

    • Avatar

      You can use regular or vegan butter in its place

      • Jessica DeMay

        Hi Tonya- I think the butter would be a strong flavor and the texture probably wouldn’t be the same. And the vegan butters are mostly water so I don’t think that would harden.

  9. Avatar

    Is it 1 to 2 cups coconut oil or half a cup?

  10. Avatar

    I made this and for some reason it came out like cake batter. Very oily still and when I put it into the loaf pan on top of the parchment paper it’s still showing a tad of oil on top of it. What did I do wrong? Are used organic unrefined coldpressed coconut oil. PB Fit peanut butter. ORGANIC Cacao. Instead of the maple syrup, I used raw honey. ?

    • Jessica DeMay

      Hi Shirley- I’m sorry it didn’t turn out for you! Did you use peanut butter or peanut butter powder? That will make a big difference! Other than that I’m not sure why it would turn out like that.

  11. Avatar

    A loaf pan? That doesn’t make very many. Can you use an 8×8?

  12. Avatar

    Could you substitute molasses instead of syrup?

  13. Avatar

    How many carbs does this have. Please get back with me. Thanks Dorothy

  14. Avatar
    Carina Gaynier

    Delicious flavor. I used my homemade cashew butter. When put in a loaf oan, it is certainly not as thick as the picture. I am sure it will be wonderful.

  15. Avatar

    Could I use Sukrin Fiber Syrup Gold for the maple syrup??

  16. Avatar

    Is your nut butter sweetened? I have unsweetened almond butter.

  17. Avatar

    Recipes Cococonut oil Fudge Golden Barrel

  18. Avatar

    I have made this a few times now. It is delicious! Thanks for sharing this recipe. I have added nuts, coconut, and or cranberries and this is also yummy.

    • Jessica DeMay

      You’re welcome, Rachelle! Thank you for trying it and for the great feedback! I love your additions- they sound delicious!

  19. Avatar

    Mmm i can’t wait to try this! Ever tried it in little balls like truffles? Thinking of making little Easter treats from this recipe ☺ I will give you some feedback.

    • Jessica DeMay

      Hi Dianne- I haven’t tried it, but I think that would be great! They would make the perfect Easter treats- what a great idea. Yes, please let me know how they come out!

  20. Avatar

    Hi, can you please tell me how long this will keep in the freezer and how long in the fridge?

  21. Avatar

    OMG I have just made this, it is so nice to be able to eat fudge again. Not sweet & sickly just sooooo Moreish!! Thank you so much for this recipe

  22. Avatar

    Made this last night with a few tweaks and it was SO delicious. I would actually say this is much closer in texture to ganache than fudge. Super silky!

    I didn’t have maple syrup, and of course I was out of honey, but I used honey-roasted peanut butter, so it still worked out really well. πŸ™‚ I actually used homemade cannabis-infused oil to make effective night time edible medication, which wound up making the mixture pretty bitter, so I bumped up the sweetness with a couple tablespoons of marshmallow Torani syrup to compensate and it was lovely.

    Thanks so much for a great recipe!

  23. Avatar

    I have made this several times using honey when I had no maple syrup, and it is always a big hit. Just made a batch with sunflower butter (chilling now in fridge). I expect it to be great. Thanks for this recipe; it is now a staple in this house!

    • Jessica DeMay

      You’re welcome, Sharon! Thanks for trying my recipe- I’m so glad you like it! Yes, it’s very versatile and I think the sunflower butter version sounds great! πŸ™‚

  24. Avatar

    O….M….G! This is soooo good!! I’m completely hooked on this. Thank you for such a simple, fantastic treat!

  25. Avatar

    Excellent! I’ve made it B4 and I’m making it again. Thank You for sharing. Healthier alternative.

  26. Avatar

    I’ve just made this and it’s in the fridge cooling. If the mixture I scraped out of the pan afterwards is anything to go by this is delicious. Can’t wait for it to set to be able to try it finished!

  27. Avatar

    Can you use Mrs. Butterworth’s Lite Syrup?

    • Jessica DeMay

      Hi Robin- I wouldn’t recommend it. The lite syrup is just regular syrup with water added to it to dilute it and make it less calories. I don’t think it would be as good and maybe not work at all. You could try using coconut sugar- just make sure to cook it long enough to not be grainy. I hope that helps and you try it!

  28. Avatar

    Has anyone figured out the nutrition facts yet?

  29. Avatar

    So I found this recipe and once I determined that I had all the ingredients I had a batch cooling in the fridge within 10 minutes! Super fast, super easy, super good! I substituted half the maple syrup for stevia (don’t really know how much, I just sweetened to my taste). Thank you, Jessica for sharing!

  30. Avatar

    Can you please note what size loaf pan you used? Thanks.

    • Jessica DeMay

      Hi Sharon- I used a standard 9×5, but it really doesn’t matter. If the pan is smaller than the fudge will be thicker. Use whatever you have. I have also had people put it in mini muffin tins for the perfect bite. Hope that helps!

  31. Avatar

    This is very smooth fudge! Surprisingly delicious. I agree that it has a decadent truffle flavor and richness. No one would guess this is not made with traditional ingredients. I added toasted chopped pecans. Yummy. A+++
    Thank you!

  32. Avatar

    Can I sub the maple syrup for erythritol sweetener as I am keto

  33. Avatar

    Wow, just tasted this and am thrilled with how delicious this turned out. Absolute dream come true. We CAN make our fudge and eat it too. Thanks to you, I have a healthy snack to bring to work so I’m not tempted by all the junk.

  34. Avatar

    Just tried this, absolutely delicious. I used raw unrefined coconut oil, unsweetened cocoa powder, unsalted natural almond butter and real maple syrup (I forgot the salt). Next time I’ll try it with raw cacao powder and a bit less maple syrup or raw honey. This recipe is similar to my natural dark chocolates β€” rich, healthy and delicious! Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

  35. Avatar

    I m so excited to see your recipe! No marshmallow sticky stuff. Thank you so much! You are a breath of fresh air. Thank you, Jessica and take care…

  36. Avatar

    Best fudge I’ve ever had, ever.

  37. Avatar

    This was delicious and my 3 year old more than approved! I’m so glad I stumbled upon your website. We are going to make more today! Thank you for the yummy/healthy recipe and I can’t wait to try the pumpkin version?

  38. Avatar

    Hello what size pan can i use to get it as thick as the pic & what is the nutritional info plz for this delicious looking treat?

    • Jessica DeMay

      Hi Kristen- I used a 9×5 loaf pan. I don’t calculate nutritional info, but you can use a site like My Fitness Pal to help you figure it out. Hope you try it!

  39. Avatar

    Thank you for this recipe! I topped finished product with shredded coconut and raw cocoa nibs and it is delish! Very tasty

  40. Avatar

    Could I use coconut sugar instead of maple syrup?

    • Jessica DeMay

      Sorry for the delayed response- unfortunately that won’t work. Coconut sugar doesn’t give that smooth consistency like maple syrup. You can use honey if you want. Hope you try it!

  41. Avatar

    Hi. I made these the other day. They are dangerously good.

  42. Avatar
    Victoria P.

    Used dark chocolate cacao powder and crunchy almond butter. It turned out delicious!!!

  43. Avatar
    Eva Vanya

    I just made this for the first time, but I accidentally left it on the stove for JUST a tad too long, so that when I came to look at it, it had just a couple of bubbles. It was only medium heat, and I immediately removed it. But since this is my first time making it, I don’t know if I’d be able to tell if it’s burnt or not. Is it possible for this to be ruined if it’s overheated like I may have done?

    • Avatar

      Hi Eva- thanks for trying my recipe! No, it shouldn’t be ruined. You’ll be able to tell it’s burned if it’s stinky and gross tasting. If it was just left on a little long then I’m sure it’s fine.

  44. Avatar

    I made this and it was delicious, I use organic honey instead of the syrup.

  45. Avatar

    I made this using reduced fat peanut butter, and I sprinkled a little bit of sea salt on the top- it was absolutely delicious! And with reduced fat peanut butter, it comes out to roughly 125 calories and two grams of protein a square. Yummy and healthy!

  46. Avatar

    Hi mine is like in liquid form still after mixing with whisk, is that’s how it’s supposed to look when pouring

  47. Avatar

    My Christmas candy palate has not quite adjusted to healthy fudge yet but I’m trying to eat healthier this year. My fudge set up fine in the fridge but after cutting and setting it out on a plate, I found melted pools of chocolate. Any tips? I froze the remaining fudge and will use it in my protein shakes!

    • Avatar

      Hi Donna- thanks for trying it. You will see in the text that I mention that it has to stay in the fridge or it will melt. With coconut oil having a low melting temperature, it becomes soft quickly. I hope you enjoy it from the fridge or freezer. Thanks!

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