Coconut Oil Brownies

Coconut Oil Brownies

These Coconut Oil Brownies are not your average brownies. They are so gooey, fudgy, and loaded with chocolate. The top has that perfect crackly surface that makes cutting it a little messy, but totally worth it! The contrast between crackly top and the smooth, rich center is amazing.

Moist Crackly Top Brownies - Golden Barrel

These are so simple to make. I know brownies were a little intimidating to me when I first started baking. Some recipes have so many steps and dirty dishes- not this one! This recipe is just as easy as a box mix, but way better! The eggs and sugar are mixed with a hand mixer and I know getting that out can be a pain- I totally agree. I rarely get mine out and usually just give my arm a good workout. But it’s pretty important for the eggs and sugar to be completely mixed and the mixer is the best way to guarantee that. It only takes a couple minutes so that’s not too bad.

Crackly Top Brownies

A couple tips that I always do when making brownies to guarantee good results are to line the pan with either foil or parchment paper. This makes removing and cutting easier and it makes clean up quick. I also always let them completely cool before cutting so that the knife makes a cleaner cut. Although even cooled, they aren’t the prettiest brownies, but they are delicious! No one will care how they look once they sink their teeth into the fudgy, sweet, goodness.

Brownies with a rich center

These are completely dairy and gluten free (as long as you use compliant ingredients), so they are perfect for anyone who may have an allergy or is avoiding those foods. I have made these many times and no one can tell that they are any different. The butter is not missed because the Golden Barrel Coconut Oil keeps them rich and moist. I have used both almond flour and oat flour, so feel free to use either. Oat flour is a little more common because all it is ground up oats. They sell it in the store in the baking aisle, but you can make it yourself by throwing oats in the blender for a few seconds- so simple!

Yummy Brownies made with Golden Barrel Coconut Oil

You may notice that there is no leavening agent used and that is because I like brownies dense and fudgy and I don’t want them cakey at all. So I don’t want that rise that the baking soda or powder would give. It is also one less ingredient to worry about making them that much easier!

Brownies made with Golden Barrel Coconut Oil

So the next time you get a craving for brownies, don’t be tempted to make the kind from a box. Make these- I guarantee you will absolutely love them!!

Coconut Oil Brownies
Coconut Oil Brownies
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Servings Prep Time
9-12 people 8 minutes
Cook Time
50 minutes
Servings Prep Time
9-12 people 8 minutes
Cook Time
50 minutes
Coconut Oil Brownies
Coconut Oil Brownies
Print Recipe
Servings Prep Time
9-12 people 8 minutes
Cook Time
50 minutes
Servings Prep Time
9-12 people 8 minutes
Cook Time
50 minutes
Servings: people
  1. In a microwaveable bowl or measuring cup, combine the 1-1/4 cups chocolate chips and coconut oil and microwave in 30 second increments until smooth. This should take around 1 - 1-1/2 minutes. Set aside.
  2. Preheat the oven to 350°F and line a 9x9 baking pan with foil or parchment paper and spray with non-stick spray. Set aside.
  3. In a large bowl, combine sugar and eggs and beat with a mixer for 2-3 minutes until light in color and smooth. Add in chocolate mixture and vanilla and mix well.
  4. Fold in the oat flour and salt until just combined. Fold in the 1/2 cup chocolate chips and pour into the pan.
  5. Bake for 50 minutes then let them cool completely before cutting.
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47 thoughts on "Coconut Oil Brownies"

  1. Meranda Arroyo says:

    Do you know If replacing the eggs with chia seeds would work?

    1. Hi Meranda! I have had good luck using a chia or flax egg in some recipes, but I’m not sure it would work in this one since there are 4 used. You can always try, but I can’t guarantee results. I’m sorry!! Let me know if you do try it and how they come out.

    2. Mary Ball says:

      Hi Jessica! I have made these brownies lots of time & always a BIG hit!! Can you give any calorie, sugar, fat gram & protein grams for a slice of these?

    3. Just found this and excited to try it, but I was wondering if anyone ever tried an egg replacer?

      1. Hi Jay- I’m not sure anyone has tried making them with an egg replacer. I’m not sure how it would work, but you could definitely try flax eggs or gelatin eggs. Sorry I can’t be more of a help!

  2. Deanna says:

    Could you substitute coconut flour for the oat flour?

    1. Hi Deanna! I think that would work great, just not the whole 3/4 cup. I think it would probable be around 1/4 cup that you would need. It’s a much drier flour so not as much is needed. I hope that helps and I hope you try them. Enjoy!

  3. Casey says:

    What about using almond flour or arrowroot flour?

    1. Hi Casey! Yes, almond flour works great- I’ve made them that way. I think arrowroot would work as well. I hope you try them and love them!

  4. allibaba says:

    how is this dairy free when theres 4 nasty eggs in it? ..trickery..

    1. Hi Allibaba! I’m sorry you think eggs are nasty- I never claimed these to be vegan. Eggs are in fact not dairy. Dairy products are milk, or made from milk (cream, butter, etc). People with a dairy allergy could eat these brownies with no issues. No trickery!!

    2. Honestme says:

      You’re not smart…and you’re rude… Bad combination…

    3. 2017 Goals: Educate yourself about nutrition and try to engage more diplomatically. I’m cheering for you!

  5. Catherine says:

    I just made these, the smell from the chocolate was delicious, however the 50 min. Baking time is NOT correct, more like 40 min , mine are very dry and the sides are a little hard. My rule of thumb has always been as soon as you smell the goodness, their time is about up. But after reading how gooey these would be I refrain from my usual check… Oh well live and learn, at least my house smells like a bakery,

    1. Hi Catherine! Thank you for trying them- I’m so sorry they came out hard! Every oven is different and that could effect it. I guess next time go with your nose 🙂 Maybe a dip (soak) in some milk will save them?? Hopefully you try them again!!

  6. Chydi says:

    Can you use just regular, AP flour? No gluten sensitivity here.

    1. Hi Chydi! Yes, that will work great! I hope you try them and love them!

      1. Hailey says:

        is the conversion the same for AP flour to oat flour?

        1. Hi Hailey- yes, the conversion is the same. I hope you enjoy them!

  7. Most amazing brownies! Substituted rice flour for oat flour-really fudgy, chewy delicious
    Great recipe

    1. Thanks, Barb! I’m so glad you tried them and like them! Thanks for letting us know that the rice flour worked well.

  8. Lindsey says:

    Can you substitute the sugar for another kind of sweetener? Like coconut sugar or maple syrup? These look amazing by the way 🙂

    1. Hi Lindsey- you could definitely use coconut sugar but maple wouldn’t work because of the extra added moisture. I hope that helps and I hope you love them!

  9. Chelsea says:

    Can you use dark chocolate chips or would it be too bitter?

    1. Hi Chelsea! I think that would work fine as long as you like dark chocolate. There is still enough sugar in them to keep them sweet. I hope you enjoy them!

  10. Could you use your date paste recipe to sub for the sugar in this, and if so it’s it a 1:1 ratio? I’m going to try making the date paste for the first time today.

    1. Hi Ty! I’m so glad you’re trying the date paste- I think you’ll love it! I don’t think it would work in this recipe because it would increase the moisture by too much. I have a couple desserts on my site using the date paste if that’s what you’re looking for. I recommend trying these brownies as well, they are delicious!

  11. Wendi says:

    Do you know how many calories per brownie it would be? Would like to make these for a group I am in.

    1. Hi Wendi! I’m sorry, I don’t know the calorie count on these brownies. There are lots of sites on-line that you can plug the ingredients in on and it will tell you though. I hope you try them and enjoy them.

    2. Ann says:

      On, this is the breakdown. 337/brownie cut in 12 brownies. 449/brownie for 9 brownies. Pretty high calorie, but what I really noticed was that it got a grade of “F” for nutrition. Just an FYI… but hey, sometimes you just gotta splurge!

      1. Thanks for figuring that out, Ann! I’m sure that grade is based on the fat content- I’m not claiming these to be low-fat 😉 Yes- definitely a treat.

  12. Kate says:

    So Yum! I made last night with Sprouted Non-GMO flour blend and almond flour and chopped dark chocolate. I will reduce the sugar (I used coconut sugar) next time (I like things less sweet). Highly recommend! We are GF and Dairy-free. Whole family loved! And they looked and cut like “normal” brownies…didn’t crumble and weren’t mush. Good to the eye! 🙂

    1. Thanks for trying them, Kate! I’m so glad you and your family enjoyed them 🙂 Thanks for letting us know the substitutions you used- that is so helpful.

  13. Lisa says:

    Was wondering what to do to make these more cake like. Any suggestions?

    1. Hi Lisa, you can try adding some baking powder or baking soda which would help them rise and have more of a cakey feel. Also, increasing the flour to maybe 1-1 1/4 cup would help too. I don’t know exact measurements because I haven’t tried them that way, but that is what I would suggest.

  14. Tracy says:

    Hi, can I replace raw sugar with a cup of brown sugar? Can’t wait to make this for me and my niece!

    1. Hi Tracey- Yes, that will work great. I hope you both enjoy them!

  15. Kathleen says:

    I made these and while the 50 minute bake time was a bit too long. They were still delicious! Next time I will cut back the cooking time and they’ll be even better! Yum!!!

    1. Thanks, Kathleen! I’m glad you tried them and like them. I’m sorry that was too long baking time, but I’m glad they were still good. Thanks for the feedback 🙂

  16. Cathy says:

    Could you substitute stevia for the raw sugar? If so, how much? Thank you in advance.

    1. Hi Cathy! I wouldn’t recommend it because I find that stevia has a strong after taste that isn’t the greatest. I don’t know the conversion for it either- I’m sorry!

  17. Jenny says:

    My family loves these brownies! We follow Trim Healthy Mama. I used stevia and it’s perfect, but we are used to the change in sugar. Been off the real stuff for almost 6 months.

    1. Thanks for the great feedback, Jenny! I’m so glad to hear you and your family enjoy these!

  18. Kathya says:

    Hi Jessica,
    I want To substitute the raw Sugar for coconut Sugar. But can You tell me the convertion pls.

    1. Hi Kathya- it would convert 1:1. I hope you enjoy them!

  19. Marla says:

    Can I use tapioca flour instead of oat flour?

    1. Hi Marla- I think that would work. I’ve made them with almond flour and they worked great. Hope you enjoy!

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