Mrs. Schlorer’s Turkey Golden Table Syrup

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Nutritional Panel for Mrs. Schlorer's Turkey Golden Table Syrup - 16oz.An old-time favorite. Turkey Syrup has a lively rich flavor that can be used in cooking and baking main dishes, breads, vegetables, desserts, sauces, frosting and candies. Also used as a topping on toast, pancakes, cereal, fruit and ice cream.

Ingredients:  Corn Syrup, Water, Refiners Syrup, Caramel Color.

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15 reviews for Mrs. Schlorer’s Turkey Golden Table Syrup

  1. Avatar

    Luann noll

    This table syrup is “the best” when paired with scrapple! It is also amazing as a topping on cottage cheese–a lot less calories than ice cream!

  2. Avatar

    Bonnie Jackson (verified owner)

    I love this syrup…great for making shoo fly pie

  3. Avatar

    Karen Zimmerman

    We have been using this for as long as I remember. It is the best on scrapple. Yuck using pancake syrup. Its also yummy on butter bread and a peanutbutter sandwich. I love this Turkey syrup. I call it Turkey Molasses.

  4. Avatar

    Marlene Cline

    Great tasting molasses_my mother also used this product so have enjoyed it for years

  5. Avatar

    Pat Moreno

    Finding Turkey Syrup online here is like winning the lottery.There is no substitute when baking shoofly or old style cookies. And your direct order setup provides real savings over Amazon or other third-party vendors. So happy to share my PA Dutch baking traditions with my grandchildren here in Arizona. Gut Essen!!!

  6. Avatar

    Bonnie Jackson (verified owner)

    I am in my 60,s and can remember eating this since i was a little girl….nothing compares schlorer’s table syrup…

  7. Avatar

    Bonnie Jackson (verified owner)

    Toast an english muffin top with butter or peanut butter and table delish.

  8. Avatar

    joe c.

    I grew up with this molasses and there is no comparison to others. I use it exclusively.

  9. Avatar

    Karla Lockhaven

    I absolutely love this table syrup. Living in Western New York, we can’t find this childhood favorite of mine locally, so I conveniently order online. I use it for cooking and obviously… eating!! My gramma lived in the coal region of Pennsylvania and when we’d visit, we couldn’t wait to spoon it onto pancakes or she’d spread on buttered bread. My 85 year old dad loves it with scrapple, my 2 year old granddaughter loves it with pancakes and sausages. Brings back such warm memories.

  10. Avatar


    Every Easter we use to put this on our ham after sliced and plated and was always a great addition to the meal

  11. Avatar

    Arlene. Johnson

    I used this when I lived in PA. I haven’t found it in California.Cant wait to get it.

  12. Avatar

    Linda Beck (verified owner)

    Mmmm.. a piece of butter bread smeared with peanut butter, and slathered with Turkey syrup, folded in half, and dunked in a fresh cup of hot coffee! There ain’t nothin’/isn’t anything, like it in the whole world!

  13. Avatar

    Tina Schaefer

    Toast with peanut butter and Turkey syrup along with a cup of hot tea….my go to breakfast choice. 😋
    I grew up in south central Pennsylvania with Turkey syrup on the table. But, of course now, I cannot get Turkey syrup anywhere in Arizona.
    So, I just got my shipment. I won’t be running out anytime soon. 😊

  14. Avatar

    Pamela Lafferty (verified owner)

    My mom god bless her soul called it peanut butter and molasses toast. It was and still is a favorite snack or breakfast to me! I used to be able to purchase it at the local grocery store Yoder’s country market in New Holland PA but haven’t been able to find it for along time. So glad to find it online.

  15. Avatar

    Katherine Reier

    Should one refrigerate this after opening? There’s no indication on the label. What do y’all do?

    • Mitch Hertzler

      Mitch Hertzler

      HI Katherine,
      Refrigeration is not required. It can be stored in a regular cupboard or pantry.

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