Mrs. Schlorer’s Ham Glaze

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Spoon Mrs. Schlorer’s Ham Glaze over baking ham, parboiled yams or sweet potatoes for a delicious holiday meal. Ham Glaze is also tasty in a ham or turkey sandwich – spread a thin layer on your roll and enjoy!

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8 oz., 96 oz., 12/8 oz. Case, 6/96 oz. Case

7 reviews for Mrs. Schlorer’s Ham Glaze

  1. Jenna

    It’s just not the holidays without this ham glaze. Not only does my ham smell incredible while baking but this glaze goes deep into the ham and gives it such a rich flavor. The bonus is how pretty it makes the ham look for presentation…really gives it the “Wow factor” especially if I drizzle some over the cut slices. So easy, so tasty!

  2. Bill Shultz

    This glaze is absolutely phenomenal on a ham. if you don’t believe me you need to get it, need to try it and you’ll never ever ever be without it!

  3. Marty

    I used this glaze for the first time 15 years ago I’ve never made another ham without it since. Excellent product.

  4. Evelyn Encarnacion

    I have used other brands but non compare to this one! I use cloves on most of my Holiday cooking and love the smell all over the house and this Ham Glaze is for me! It has plenty enough flavor of cloves and I believe I bought at ALDI USA here in NYC, I was looking for my usual apricot flavor but was not available at AldI so I came across this and said “let me try this” and loved instantly! This will be my new Ham Glaze! Thank you for your product, It’s fantastically the best!!!

  5. Anne Chiarelli

    I love this ham glaze and I’m absolutely gutted that it is apparently not being produced anymore. I found some at an outlet store and bought every jar I could get my hands on, and now I’m down to a tiny bit. The fruity, clove-y goodness in this product is unmatched in other brands and I’m hoping Good Food Inc reconsiders the decision to discontinue it.

  6. Lisa Miller

    I hope you really do start making this again. This is the only thing my family has used for the last 50+ years.

  7. Jeanne Welch

    I grew up with my Mom using it. Our ham is just not right without it. Please bring it back!!

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