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Golden Barrel Non-GMO Verified ProductsVegan Certification for Golden BarrelGranulated Light-Colored Raw Sugar is a food-grade product made from sugar cane. It is a “first crystallization” sugar, which means that the cane is harvested, the juice extracted, any field impurities are removed, and then it is crystallized. It does not go through the further refining process that traditional white sugar goes through. Because it is less processed than traditional white sugar, it contains more molasses which results in a natural blond color, delicious natural flavor, and retains more of the natural mineral nutritional value of the sugar cane.

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5 lb. bag, 50 lb. Bag

17 reviews for Golden Barrel Raw Sugar

  1. Mike Treon (verified owner)

    Great product for the price. Quality is great, and the shipping speed was excellent!

  2. Noah Goldman (verified owner)

    Great stuff, good price. I highly recommend it

  3. Susan

    I love this company and the product. They are extremely friendly and helpful. The raw sugar is superb. I have never been able to find anything as good as this.

  4. Gene A Goehring

    This sugar is so much better than the highly refined sugar.The molasses in it gives everything a great taste.we use this sugar for everything from coffee and tea too dusting the tops of are muffins,and good price to bute!

  5. Mary McAnallen (verified owner)

    I like this sugar,great product at a great price, it’s got a really nice flavor and isn’t clumped at all in the bags. The color is a deep golden brown. I also like the packaging, I buy 50 lb. bags and they are in a sturdy plastic bag so I never have an issue with bags breaking. I use this in products that I sell, Bread Mixes, Oat Bran Muffin Mixes, and Oat Pancake Mixes, and also in a variety of fresh baked products for my company Mary Mac Bakehouse.

  6. Steve Waldstein (verified owner)

    Good quality raw sugar at a great price.

  7. Aurelia

    The best raw sugar I have gotten in Years! I have had other brands where the sugar is almost white, but this is true raw sugar with just the right amount of processing to leave some natural molasses in it. I will be ordering again…

  8. Mike Hodapp

    I use the raw sugar for my kombuchi as well as around the house. Works GREAT!!. The price is 1/4 what I paid on Amazon.
    I tried their pancake syrup both the sugared and sugar free. Both are very flavorful.

  9. Joy

    I Love this product. Makes my tea taste amazing.

  10. Will Kirkpatrick

    I was happy to find real raw sugar and at a great price . It arrived quicker than expected . The bag is high quality and strong so no leakage .

  11. William Bloemen

    The product was what was advertised, the quality was very good, the customer service and shipping was fantastic.
    Definitely will buy again

  12. Steve Golieb (verified owner)

    Great shipping, excellent product. We use it at Edible Wilds LLC ( to produce our spruce syrup, native corn waffle and pancake mix, and our chocolate spruce tea! Very happy customers.

  13. Frank H. (verified owner)

    Great product at a reasonable price. The only sugar we ever use. Even carry it with us to restaurants.

  14. Chase N (verified owner)

    Product arrived fast and well packaged, great price and works great for my needs

  15. Paul Griffith

    I really enjoy ordering the raw cane sugar I need for my products from Golden Barrel. The ordering process is always easy, the customer service is excellent, and my packages always arrive in a timely manner. I have come to really love my experience with Golden Barrel!

  16. Amira (verified owner)

    I ordered this product to make my raw sugar body scrub and I must say Golden Barrel Raw Sugar was of excellent quality and taste (I could not resist). I really love the product and shipment was fast and timely. I will definitely order from them again.

  17. Doug Patterson (verified owner)

    Product came as advertised, great value and fast shipping.

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