The Zook Molasses Company


The Zook Molasses Company started back in 1934 by M. Simon Zook filling a need for farmers to feed their livestock with quality molasses. Ever since, Zook Molasses has been serving the agricultural industry with liquid and dried feeding cane molasses and is now offering organic molasses. This is great for energy, dust control and milk production. The Zook Molasses company also provides ZSO Semi Degummed Soy and other oils like Canola, Mineral, Corn and Vegetable oils. They also are a distributor for Braes feed ingredients. Contact number for Zook Molasses is (800) 327-4406.


Good Food, Inc.

Along with Mrs. Schlorer’s, The famous Golden Barrel line is under the corporate umbrella of Good Food, Inc. since 1980 and includes kosher baking ingredients like baking mixes, syrups, molasses, and cooking oils as found on this website. Packaging ranges from retail sizes up to bulk size quantities. Good Food, Inc. offers liquid and dry blending, warehousing, private labeling and transportation. Contact number for Good Food is (800) 327-4406.


L & S Sweeteners


L&S Sweeteners, a division of Zook Molasses Company, was started in 1985 to serve the expanding needs of the sweeteners market and it’s sister company, Good Food Inc. Since then, L&S Sweeteners has become one of the Northeast’s largest processing facilities of bulk sweeteners. Well-equipped, state of the art rail service has made us a terminal hub to the world’s best and largest refining companies. As a result we offer very competitive pricing on all of your bulk sweetener needs…or if you prefer, we can offer trans-loading services for national, refiner-direct accounts. Corn syrups of most grades, sugar-dry and liquefied, invert sugars, dextrose, molasses, and much more are delivered by rail into our facility and trucked to yours. Whether your business is baking, confections, snack foods, beverage or pharmaceutical-scientific…whatever the needs… our goal is to supply quality products & services at competitive prices.